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随后在成员公告的镇压是弧 日期 2013 年 10 月 16 日: 关于发送数据和所占份额的金额,然后与此对所有成员 Unwall 请做以下步骤:

1.打开 www.arc-co.net会员区,然后单击新闻稿
2.在白颜色的形式有 Unwall 徽标、 右单击上的你鼠标然后点击"保存图像为......"
当你写的内容,在日期的权利,然后根据 kotak2 内容除其他外 /

-U 份额 (股票编号查找的主页面上),然后 x 是 0.5 元和你写的他总.,$...???

UWII 共享 (具体以上包阿金 yg VA)

(填写打印块、 pekerjaa 和完整的地址、 电子邮件和电话号码的完整名称)

你的继承人的被提名人: 填充数据

6.电子邮件至: (请参见图 8 有故障 ojo、 5 x)

如果不是然后 dng 找人帮忙。

Cda 给仅只有 14 天。

我在这 yg 只是帮助翻译宣布成员有哪些,希望没记错。






live stock channel has been launched. let's visit

Tommy Anwar

Announcement UWII moving towards listing at Main Board - IV

2013-04-01 14:17:30

Fantastic news! Unwall International Incorporation (UWII), has announced the complete acquisition of Sunity Online Entertainment (Sunity), a celebrated Chinese online game company!
Sunity, a company established in the Cayman Islands, commenced its IPO work for NASDAQ listing in November 2009 and officially submitted its F1 (prospectus) to SEC in September 2010. Between the 2 dates, Sunity’s F1 came into force twice, namely on April 2nd 2011 and June 28th 2012. However, with due consideration of the performance of China stocks in America, Sunity had decided to postpone its road show listing on both occasions. Per SEC demand, Sunity shall keep on updating its F1 in accordance with its sales performance to maintain itself in a standby listing mode, with the hope of completing all listing work within 2 or 3 months of market improvement. It plans to get listed officially on NASDAQ on September 30th 2013, at a final IPO distribution price of USD5 per share to raise USD500 million. ICM Capital Markets Ltd. will be the key underwriting agent for Sunity shares, of which the transaction code is SUNG.
Established on February 14th 2006, Sunity’s predecessor was actually Sunity PLC (Beijing). It has a registered capital of 34.163 million yuan, and a net asset of 140 million yuan as at October 2012. As a software developer and an internet culture enterprise, the latter being recognized in China as a highly significant pillar industry, Sunity has been approved by China’s Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Culture and enjoys a lot of preferential privileges. With the development of online games such as leisure games, webpage games, grand scale online games, cell phone games etc as its initial core business, Sunity has evolved into an interactive entertainment and integrated operating platform. At the same time, it is actively paving its way into the third party payment platform so as to completely unleash the power of its customer database. It aims to become the epitome of a brand new interactive internet culture.

Notice is hereby given as above.

syaiful anwar

Alhamdulillah, Hari ini perkerjaanku gak begitu banyak sehingga bisa rileks walau dapat tugas memanggil para pihak perkara yang baru dengan tanpa biaya (prodeo), namun aku harus tetap ikhlas menjalaninya.


Hello everyone! Long time no see! Miss you!



amran zahri

Info update IPstarspc:
Meneruskan Info di member are Tgl 15 April semua Increase 80% akan di close alias di tutup. Jadi pastikan jika Anda Belum melakukan Increse share Lakukan sekarang, jika bingung Hub Leader anda masing2.
Let's Get Rich ...Together

Cara Increase:
1. Login member are
2. Masukkan username n pasw
3. Klik di kanan agak ke atas "Share Increase"
4. Centang lalu isi Security paswd
5. Submit..

Hub Direct leader Anda jika Bingung.

Jaffray W.P Moningka

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orang" yg penakuttttt


tak mudah melupakan dia,,, aq tdak tau harus bgaimna...???????????